Enterprise Incentive Software, Inc.'s CATS 2007 Maintains Leadership Position Among Competitive Enterprise Incentive Management Platforms

Seventh-generation Sales Compensation Management Platform Maintains 'Best Total Cost of Ownership' Position

| Source: Enterprise Incentive Software, Inc.

WESTPORT, Conn., Nov. 26, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Enterprise Incentive Software, Inc., www.eimsoftware.com, a pioneer in sales force incentive compensation, announced today that the firm's flagship Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM) software CATS(r) 2007 retains its leadership position among competitive EIM platforms. Its key differentiating features, which include superior scalability, best cost of ownership, ease of use, built-in ETL capabilities, and significantly lower reliance on IT involvement and mandatory maintenance, have made it a leader in the North American sales incentive compensation software market.

Originally developed in 1994 and now in its seventh generation, CATS(r) 2007 EIM is an advanced sales incentive compensation management tool representing the "best in class" technology of any EIM application on the market today. Since its inception, CATS(r) has represented the "best practices" of incentive compensation software design and administration, with proven installations across a wide cross-section of Fortune 1,000 companies.

With its industry-unique perpetual "unlimited" administrator and plan-participant licensing feature, CATS(r) EIM retains the Best "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) position among all comparable EIM platforms worldwide. It is the most cost-effective of all EIM platforms because it enables everyday compensation administrators to handle complex compensation plans without being IT- or vendor-dependant. Additionally, CATS(r) provides a comprehensive and tightly integrated application that does not rely on additional third-party tools for performing any sales performance management analysis.

CATS(r) 2007's superior scalability makes it highly adaptable to the requirements of the world's leading global companies. Since it is a multi-dimensional, flexible solution that allows for the segmenting of sales compensation data, it easily manages incentive plans that require significant customization depending on line-of-business or geographic location. CATS(r) 2007 provides integrated support for multiple currencies as well as multiple pay cycles. CATS(r) is highly cost-effective to global companies because it supports multiple pay cycles using only one instance of the software.

According to John A. Laurino, CEO of Enterprise Incentive Software, Inc., "The ability to manage complex, enterprise-wide compensation packages with maximum efficiency is of paramount importance to companies whose competitive sales advantage is dependent upon aligning corporate objectives with sales strategies and compensation plans.

"As more companies expand their operations throughout the world, the need for a multi-dimensional, flexible solution that allows for extensive customization of sales compensation data and plans is critical. CATS(r) 2007 allows companies to rapidly deploy and administer superior sales force incentive compensation plans to improve sales performance, align sales and territory strategy with corporate business objectives, and improve overall business performance to drive revenue and profitability."

CATS(r) 2007 also allows companies to benefit from a world-class EIM solution on a subscription basis through the hosted offering CATS(r) EIM On-Demand(tm).

Other key differentiating features of CATS(r) 2007 include:

-- Superior "Extract, Transform, and Load" (ETL) functionality that provides integrated control of multiple database instances.

-- Ability to seamlessly incorporate mergers and acquisitions into a company's existing sales compensation reporting.

-- Deployment of the CATS(r) Portal which permits web browser access to reports, dashboards and important work flow communications such as approvals and goal setting by the CATS(r) administrator, as well as the entire sales organization.

-- The application comprehensively satisfies Sarbanes Oxley requirements governing compensation plans with fully-threaded administrator-to-sales "work flow" functionality.

Said Laurino, "Since its inception CATS(r) has been helping to transform incentive compensation into a strategic tool that aligns and motivates people, partners and channels across the extended enterprise."

An informative, comprehensive multimedia product tour of CATS(r) 2007 is available at http://www.eimsoftware.com/tour.html.

About CATS(r)

CATS(r) has represented the leading edge of incentive compensation software design and administration since 1994. As the only comprehensive EIM software solution that guarantees to administer any incentive compensation plan without the need for expensive and IT intensive off-line data preprocessing or application customization, CATS(r) is the value leader among EIM solutions. CATS(r) is currently in use in a wide cross-section of Fortune 1,000 companies with proven installations across financial, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, chemicals, business services, hospitality, wholesale distribution and telecommunications.

About Enterprise Incentive Software, Inc.

Formed from the software division of Westport Consulting Group, Enterprise Incentive Software, Inc. (www.eimsoftware.com) represents over 17 years of cutting edge relational database design for several mission critical sales and marketing applications. Starting in 1990 with Enterprise, the most highly regarded marketing "front end" interface for community and regional banks with their service bureaus, WSG went on to develop PMAPS(r), the "best in class" proposal management platform, and finally CATS(r), the most long-running and successful family of incentive compensation applications for both designing and implementing complex internal and external sales force compensation plans across the entire Fortune 5000 spectrum of companies.

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