SCANFIL PLC'S ANNUAL SUMMARY 2007                                               

An annual summary of Scanfil plc's stock exchange releases and announcements in 
2007 is available on the company's website at the address                                                                     

Some of the information included in the releases and announcements might be out 
of date.                                                                        

SCANFIL PLC                                                                     

Harri Takanen                                                                   

Distribution     Helsinki Stock Exchanges                                       
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Scanfil plc is a global contract manufacturer and systems supplier for          
communication and industrial electronics with over 30 years experience in       
demanding contract manufacturing                                                

Scanfil offers contract-manufacturing services as a systems supplier to the     
telecommunication industry, mainly to wireless communication sector, as well as 
to the industrial electronics industry. Main telecommunication products are     
among others integrated enclosure systems for mobile phone and ADSL networks and
assembly and testing of modules related to enclosure systems. Examples of       
industrial electronics products include box-built tested devices, various       
electronic modules, backplanes and assembled circuit boards as well as cable    
assemblies. Production plants are situated in China, Hungary, Estonia and