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Stock Exchange Notification 2008-03-04

Re.:	Aladdin Investment Services Ltd. exits from Europe Vision Plc

Today, Europe Vision Plc, the UK studio-to-screen media company which
Europeinvestment A/S holds 24.92 % of the shares of, has notified that it
proposes to convert approximately € 40 million of debt into shares at a price
of GBP 0.25 per share. 

Europe Vision Plc has notified that it in connection with the relisting process
(where Europe Vision Plc was advised by Ventegis Capital of Berlin) has
participated in negotiations whereby Aladdin Investment Services Ltd.
(“Aladdin”) and its owners would divest themselves of ownership of shares in
Europe Vision Plc in favour of financial institutions. 

Aladdin has notified Europe Vision Plc and Europeinvestment A/S that this is
part of its strategy of withdrawal from both Europe Vision Plc and
Europeinvestment A/S and the acceptance of a greatly reduced minority position
in the TMG Morocco Film City development as part of that project's financing

Europe Vision Plc has notified that agreement in principle has been reached
between Aladdin of the one part, Europe Vision Plc of another part and an
investment fund called Alpha Securities of the final part. Alpha has
conditionally agreed to acquire Europe Vision Plc's shares owned by Aladdin as
well as assume the Loan owed by Europe Vision Plc to Aladdin Investment
Services Ltd. Contemporaneously therewith all of the Loan save € 5 million
(that will then be owed to Alpha on the same terms as to Aladdin), will be
converted into shares for issue to Alpha. The conversion will be at the 21 day
average mid price of the shares prior to delisting rounded to the nearest whole
penny. This gives a conversion price of GBP 0.25 per share. Sterling and Euro
conversions have been done at the average mid rate quoted by Barclays for the
last 7 working days. 

According to the notification from Europe Vision Plc, Alpha Securities is a so
called “Smart Fund”. Investors in the Fund are both limited in number and to
those investors who are assumed to be sophisticated in financial matters (such
as financial institutions). Alpha is administered by Arner Bank which is a
Swiss/Italian banking group. 

Finally, Europe Vision Plc has notified that upon completion of the transaction
outlined above, there will be a number of new directors that will join the
board of Europe Vision Plc. 

In order to give effect to the transactions, the shareholders of Europe Vision
Plc are being asked to approve an increase in the authorized capital and
empower the directors to issue shares without invoking pre-emption. 

The Board of Directors of Europeinvestment A/S has not yet determined whether
the notification from Europe Vision Plc will cause the Board to change its view
as to the realistic net proceeds in connection with Europeinvestment A/S' sale
of its shares in Europe Vision Plc. The Board of Directors of Europeinvestment
A/S expects to publish a notification about the Board's conclusions in that
regard on Friday, March 7. 

Questions may be made to managing director Kenneth Dundas at telephone +46 8 20
92 70. 

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