Dear Members of OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen

SKAGEN Funds will change the currency on its funds traded on OMX Copenhagen.
The Funds will be quoted in DKK from 19 March, 2008. 

•	All trading in SKAGEN Funds on OMX, Copenhagen will be in DKK
•	The SKAGEN Funds ISIN will remain the same after the change to DKK
•	A new Order Book and a new Order Book Code on OMX will be established for the
4 Funds 
•	The Funds will still be registered in VPS (Central Securities Deposit) in
•	The number of Shares held by each investor (as registered in VPS) will remain
•	Subscribing or redeeming directly with SKAGEN Funds is still possible
•	In case of subscription/redemption directly with SKAGEN Funds instead of
trading on OMX, this can still be in the following currencies: NOK, DKK, SEK,
•	Net Asset Value reporting on the Danish market will be in DKK (no longer NOK
•	Historical Net Asset Values will change to DKK retrospectively (on
Morningstar, FundConnect, etc.) 
•	The 3 daily Intrinsic Value reporting to OMX and our Market Maker, Nykredit
Bank, will be in DKK instead of NOK 

It is SKAGEN Funds intention to make settlement easier when trading in Denmark.
We intend to implement a settlement solution involving the Danish VP later in

The Funds in question are:

ISIN: NO0008000445
Shortname: SKIVEK

ISIN: NO0008004009
Shortname: SKIGLO

ISIN: NO0010140502
Shortname: SKIKON

SKAGEN Avkastning
ISIN: NO0008000452
Shortname: SKIAVK

Please inform your organisation and relevant clients

These changes will impact Financial intermediaries as well as the end
investors. We need your help to inform: 

1.	The relevant people in your own organisation about the changes - there could
be  implications for your trading department, Middle Office and Back Office. 

2.	Financial intermediaries, that can buy/sell SKAGEN Funds through your
company on behalf of end investors. Please also encourage these Financial
intermediaries to inform their own clients about the information in this

3.	Your clients if they are investors in SKAGEN Funds.

Thank you very much for your coorporation. In case of questions, please call or
e-mail us at: 

Kenneth Lund Petersen
+ 45 33 41 76 53

Nicolai Stærfeldt
+ 47 51 21 38 29

Kind regards,

Kenneth Lund Petersen