LOS ANGELES, May 22, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) today announced that Thomas Gewecke and Terry Rossio are now on the official agenda for MEFCON 2008. Gewecke is the President of Digital Distribution for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and will deliver a keynote on the mobile landscape from a studio perspective. Rossio is an Oscar-nominated writer and producer and will discuss his first foray into mobile entertainment at the Mobile Video Spotlight. MEFCON takes place May 28-29 at the Marriott Marina Del Rey. Gewecke is scheduled to speak on May 28 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. and Rossio will speak on May 29 from 2:00-2:30 p.m.

"Gewecke and Rossio are a natural fit for MEFCON," said Ted Cohen, chairman of MEF Americas and managing partner of TAG Strategic. "If our goal is to provide a forum to discuss the intersection of wireless and entertainment, then both are critical to our agenda. Gewecke has battle-tested insight on the market for mobile entertainment and the technology and content that will make the market take off. On the content side, Rossio will give us valuable insight on his bold first steps into mobile as a filmmaker."

Gewecke has held his current post at Warner Bros. since January 2008 and has been instrumental in expanding deals and strategic partnerships. Before Warner Bros., Gewecke held senior posts at Sony BMG Music Entertainment's Global Digital Business and at Sony Music Entertainment's Digital Services Group. At MEFCON, Gewecke will discuss how new digital and mobile channels are playing an increasingly important role in every studio's distribution strategy -- and where some of the most exciting future opportunities lie.

"The first MEFCON couldn't come at a more appropriate time, and I am thrilled to be a part of it," said Gewecke. "Studios have only just begun to scratch the surface of interactivity and personalization that the mobile platform can deliver. As wireless networks increasingly support broadband performance, it's up to the wireless and entertainment industries to determine the standards and best practices that will ensure thriving business opportunities for the long term."

Rossio has won far-reaching acclaim for his work on Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure. Rossio, along with Jocelyn Stamat, wrote and directed HighSpeed Dating, a mobile series created by Jocelyn Stamat and produced by Fun Little Movies. Joining him on stage will be Stamat and Frank Chindamo, president and chief creative officer for Fun Little Movies.

"Mobile entertainment provides unprecedented opportunity for visual artists," said Rossio. "It's a merit-based medium that showcases writing, performance, and ideas."

Adds Stamat, "Internet and mobile distribution throws open the doors to new artists and new voices. A comedy writer, for example, no longer needs the permission of some large corporation to reach an audience. The next great Saturday Night Live sketch could come from anywhere."

MEFCON breaks the mold of industry conferences through interactive sessions and one-on-one interviews with leaders and visionaries in the mobile entertainment industry. No matter the area of specialization or level of expertise, the conference offers a wealth of resources and possibilities for expanding business opportunities in the mobile space. The MEFCON agenda also will feature a Debate Club, in which audience members choose the winners of a mock-academic debate on ad-funded mobile entertainment; Mobile at the Apollo, where six companies will present their mobile entertainment innovations before a panel of judges; and a sunset marina cruise.

MEFCON will also feature keynotes from renowned screenwriter and producer L.M. Kit Carson and from technology evangelist Fake Steve Jobs -- Forbes senior editor Daniel Lyons. Founder's Circle sponsors include mBlox, Motorola, Sprint, LCC, LiveWire Mobile and Amobee. Platinum sponsors include KPMG and Sandisk. To register or become a sponsor, please visit www.MEFCON.net.

About Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF)

MEF exists to represent the interests of its global membership across the mobile entertainment value chain. Our goals are to build awareness, create business development opportunities and facilitate the development of commercial guidelines and best practices to promote a healthy and profitable industry.

With global headquarters in London, a Hollywood-based Americas secretariat, an Asian chapter in Hong Kong and the newly expanded EMEA branch, MEF's network of members represents a veritable "Who's Who" of mobile entertainment businesses and entrepreneurs.

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