COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - May 22, 2008) - 3 in 5 Americans (62.3%) think the economy is in the worst shape they've experienced in their lifetime, according to the May American Pulse Survey of 4,198 respondents. 77.1% of Democrats and younger people between 18-34 years old (65.8%) are most likely to echo this sentiment.

Do you think the current state of economy is in the worst shape you've ever experienced in your lifetime?

               All    18 -   35 -          Republi-             Indepen-
              Adults   34     54     55+    cans    Democrats    dents
Yes           62.3%   65.8%  63.2%  57.6%   50.3%     77.1%      61.9%
No            25.5%   15.8%  26.5%  34.2%   40.2%     14.8%      26.0%
I don't know  12.2%   18.4%  10.3%   8.2%    9.6%      8.1%      12.1%

Source: American Pulse, May 08

Less than six months out from the November election, most Americans (77.8%) are already tired of it and wish it was over. Regarding the media coverage they have heard to date, 31.5% feel the media favored Obama in their coverage during the primaries. Only 10.4% say the media favored Clinton.

Other key findings:

--  With the economy weighing on Americans' minds it may not only affect
    their vote in November, but also their campaign contributions in the
    interim. 36.5% say they will give less contributions to political
    candidates this year.
--  Regarding gas prices, 52.9% think the U.S. government should open the
    Alaskan Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for drilling... 71.6% of Republicans and
    46.4% of Democrats agree.
--  Americans are using all forms of media more frequently than in 2004
    getting information on the candidates for the Election, with television
    (62.9%) being the preferred medium followed by the Internet (45.9%) and
    newspaper (43.4%).

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