As Scandinavia's leading provider of retail technology solutions PSI
Group has received intial orders for CashGuard systems from another
new major grocery chain in Norway. Deliveries from the business area
Retail Solutions will begin already during the current quarter. This
coincides with a high underlying activity level in all areas of the
group and high deployment of CashGuard systems.

- We are very pleased that PSI acquires yet another new customer who
is committed to CashGuard's cash handling solutions in Norway. As by
far Scandinavia's leading developer, provider and service partner of
secure cash handling solutions it is of great value that yet another
leading retailer is committing to CashGuard. Not only does it confirm
PSI's clearly leading position both in Scandinavia and Europe, but it
is of great value as this gives reason to expect potentially
considerable deliveries going forward, says Jørgen Waaler, Chief
Executive Officer of PSI Group.

Besides sales and installation of CashGuard systems, the running
orders and deliveries to this particular grocery chain in Norway also
comprise several additional services related to training and support
as well as service and maintenance.

- At the same time we are currently experiencing a high level of
activity with ongoing CashGuard deliveries to a range of major
customers - both in Norway and Sweden - both within the grocery and
petrol station markets among others. The deployment rate is high with
increasing underlying demand from a range of different chains and
stores. On this basis we expect reaching close to 13 000 installed
CashGuard systems during 4th quarter this year. In combination with a
high underlying deployment rate PSI and CashGuard are by far the
leading provider of cash handling systems in Scandinavia and
globally. At the same time we have registered a particularly stronger
interest for CashGuard Blue lately, which is the most advanced and
theft-proof cash handling solution on the market, says Jørgen Waaler,
CEO of PSI Group and adds:

- In total the entire group - including PSI, CashGuard and SQS - now
represents the leading cash handling environment internationally -
both in terms of developing technology and solutions as well as
secure safekeeping and transportation of cash. With several hundreds
highly skilled employees, the leading position will be further
enhanced in the time to come - both in Scandinavian, Europe and

For additional information please contact:

Jørgen Waaler
CEO of PSI Group ASA
Phone +47 905 90 010

Facts about PSI Group
PSI Group is a leading global provider of closed cash handling
solutions in the society and provider of retail technology for
improving the efficiency of price, goods and consumer information in
selected geographical areas.

PSI Group is head quartered in Rælingen (Norway) and employs around
360 staff in Scandinavia and Europe. The company is listed on the
Oslo Stock Exchange and Nasdaq OMX in Stockholm.

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