LAS VEGAS, March 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- THC Therapeutics, Inc. (THCT) A publicly traded health and healing cannabis company. Over the past two years we have created two generations of the dHydronator® with built-in SanitiZen® technology which have been subjected to rigorous independent laboratory testing. The first generation prototype dHydronator was subjected to a full battery of tests by an independent laboratory based in Colorado. The results were spectacular, they confirmed we had something revolutionary for the cannabis, herb and agriculture industries. All tests were repeated with 5 different replicates to provide enough data points for statistical analysis and to ensure accuracy. The test results from our first prototype are as follows.

Phase I: After 8 hours of drying the average moisture content was reduced to 14.48% 12 hours reduced the moisture content to 13.81% and 16 hours to 8.86%. Industry drying criteria is from 8 to 15% moisture content. Fresh cannabis is typically around 80% moisture content. This proves that the dHydronator can absolutely reduce drying time for cannabis from 10-14 days to as low as 8 hours.

Phase II: Potency tests of THCA determined little to no deviation from control. The recorded ±2-5% deviation may be attributable to the natural variability of potency that can be distributed throughout the plant. This validates that our technology can substantially reduce drying times while maintaining the integrity of the plant.

Phase III: SanitiZen functionality was shown to effectively reduce/eliminate both bacterial and mold contamination. Samples were spiked with E. coli, Aspergillus niger and Salmonella. Each test was run with 5 different replicates. This is an amazing independent function of the dHydronator - one can sanitize or dry or both. Visit our website to learn more.

We have 100% confidence that this innovative technology has substantial application in the cannabis and herb markets. The first generation dHydronator proved the technology beyond the shadow of a doubt, it took us from an idea and concept and brought us to the threshold of this new venture. This is where THC Therapeutics was born, this proof of concept model which represented a substantial investment of both time and money - worked. The decision was made to invest additional personal capital, while raising no debt or selling stock, to design and produce our second more advanced working prototype. We advanced the technology and user interface to allow us a greater testing parameter and range of usability for the cannabis/herb industries and beyond. We learned from the original prototype and redesigned the second generation dHydronator. We increased the size, improved the user interface, optimized the airflow, upgraded the filter, and improved the SanitiZen function.

We have filed three separate patent applications on the dHydronator device, SanitiZen technology and a subsequent related product which is currently in the design stage. In the near future we will be filing for additional patents on the dHydronator as we further improve our technology. We will also be filing patent applications for additional products that are currently in the research and development phase. Through the dHydronator and previous projects, we have established a long term relationship with a manufacturer who is capable of mass production.  Our cost analysis leads us to the conclusion that we will be able to sell the current prototype at a 600% markup of our production cost. We believe this analysis is based on an affordable retail price point, which will allow for a large consumer demographic.

We recently contracted with DigiPathLabs an independent Nevada based testing facility to perform extensive testing on our second generation working prototype. We have received some very preliminary results on the drying and sanitizing functionality of the current model dHydronator. We are now releasing partial preliminary results of testing in progress as of March 9th from DigipathLabs. We will be releasing a full and comprehensive report in the next 4-6 weeks.

The scope of this testing is to confirm the drying time, potencies and sanitizing functionality. The dHydronator treatment of fresh cannabis decreased the microbial TAC count dramatically, in some cases from failing levels to passing levels; and some cases to the same levels measured in CURED flower from the same strain.Total Aerobic Count was reduced from 300,000 to 78,000 using the SanitiZen technology. Total Aerobic Count (TAC) is an indicator of microbial populations on the cannabis samples. Moisture content was reduced from 80% down to 8.4% after 14 hours. Nevada’s drying criteria is from 8 to 15% moisture content. Visit our website to learn more.

The initial tests on the second generation dHydronator are very broad spectrum and time consuming, through those tests we have determined a narrower project scope and a clear path for successive testing. The dHydronator’s functionality to sanitize and reduce moisture is applicable to more than just cannabis/herbs. This technology can be used to sanitize household items such as food, cannabis accessories and mobile devices. We intend to market this product not just to the cannabis markets but to home & garden as well as consumer agriculture markets. Our SanitiZen technology is a game changer for being able to advance the safety of cannabis, herbs and other items which can fit inside the dHydronator.

The dHydronator technology is scalable and we are currently researching the potential applications of the dHydronator in industrial processes such as cultivation and product processing. Our research is also probing the possibility of application in the commercial agriculture industry.

We are surrounded by unseen pathogenic bacteria, molds, yeasts and other microbes which can be damaging to our health or even lethal. Not long ago a young man with beatable cancer met an untimely end and it is believed the cause of death was a complication due to contaminated cannabis. The treatment this man was undergoing had weakened his immune system and he contracted a fungal infection that could not be managed. This death may have been prevented if he possessed the ability to sanitize his cannabis before consumption. This case and others have made us determined to provide everyone with the technology to ensure peace of mind and “Better Health Through the Science of Nature.”

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Brandon Romanek’s Comments - “The testing we’re currently engaged in is pioneering by nature and as such comes with its own innate challenges. The testing itself is very time consuming due to the range of tests being performed. These tests are tedious and you simply can’t rush them.

We are in the process of negotiating potential mergers and acquisitions in the cannabis and health & healing spaces that will increase shareholder value and company profits. This, in addition to our flagship product (dHydronator), is what is going to make us a one of a kind powerhouse company in the health and healing cannabis industries. With our huge margins, our conservative projections give the dHydronator a seven figure annual profit range at a minimum. These projections are only for the in-home cannabis growers and do not include the garden and herb markets or commercial cultivators.”

Romanek continues, “This country has an absolutely massive epidemic of prescription drug use and abuse and most of the abuse occurs from prescription drugs that are legal, most deaths actually occur from pharmaceuticals, not illegal drugs. We have a huge problem of over-prescribing and dependence of benzodiazepines, opiates and other mind altering psychotropics. Addiction and over-prescribing is a big problem. There is of course a place in medicine for these types of drugs, but these drugs in particular, are at a minimum affecting people’s lives in a negative manner and/or killing them. It has been medically proven that cannabis use, herbs and supplements along with other alternative therapies such as flotation therapy, can help people substantially lower their doses or help them to get off these drugs altogether.

I very much appreciate the support of all our investors, your investment in THC Therapeutics is an investment in a company that is 100% dedicated to people's health and wellbeing. Our only business is helping people enhance their quality of life and there is no better gift than the gift of great health. I look forward to doing something here that really matters and that actually makes a difference in the world.”

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THC Therapeutics is a forward-thinking publicly traded health and healing company in the cannabis industry that has "Better Health through the Science of Nature" as their mission statement. The company is dedicated to innovating new methods and refining current industry standards in the cannabis market. THC Therapeutics plans for future growth include cultivation, dispensing, extractions, edibles, personal wellness centers and flotation therapy. For more information, visit

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