CHICAGO, March 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Didgebridge, LLC and McNulty-Re Group, have entered a formal strategic alliance to launch a preventative-education approach to the opioid abuse epidemic. Their Intellismart ® mobile video 1.2.1. communication platform is designed to provide doctor, pharmacist, and patient with mobile-video, educational tutorials via a protected, ultra-secure, mobile-video Content Delivery Network (CDN) outside the non-secure public Internet. The Didgebridge Intellismart platform is also supported by a formal Joint Marketing Agreement (JMA) with Microsoft Corporation—uniquely allowing for integration of leading edge Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Virtual Medical assistant guidance.  

“The opioid abuse crisis in the USA is symptomatic of a much larger prescription education and protocol compliance crisis,” states Ryan Swadley, Didgebridge’s Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. Mr. Swadley a Purdue University educated award-winning software technologist continues; “The consumer deserves access to complete privacy and ultra secure education access for all prescriptions—not just opioids. Our Intellismart platform provides this in a personalized manner, without reliance upon the very public exposure of the Internet or equally insecure apps. I’m not sure that most people recognize they are being monitored when visiting a public Internet web-site or a publicly accessible video content site for medical or insurance information. What they assume was a private inquiry is not private at all and will often expose them to wide variety of intrusive follow-ups including direct mail, telemarketing phone calls, spam email, annoying pop-up ads, and more. Our IP-protected Intellismart mobile video platform and microsites are revolutionary in ensuring consumer privacy as they are invisible to the Internet’s wide variety of nefarious, programmatic crawlers.”

Amine Belahbib, McNulty-Re Group’s President for Europe, Middle East and North Africa Regions, provides further support; “The benefits of our alliance and the highly secure education-focused Intellismart platform with private network capability are four-fold in effectively addressing this opioid-abuse crisis by: 1) Slowing the opioid-abuse pipeline through non-intrusive, 1.2.1. education; 2) Ensuring consumer privacy within our 1.2.1. mobile video education networks; 3) Reducing health care costs from lack of prescription protocol compliance; and 4) Providing protection against mounting legal liabilities from this lack of education and knowledge.”

In pursuit of these above goals, McNulty-Re Group and Didgebridge are conducting meetings with a wide range of important constituents within the prescription health care ecosystem including: 1) Large insurance companies obligated to pay out liability lawsuits; 2) Large pharma-companies producing education intensive prescription drugs; 3) Medical care service providers authorizing prescriptions; and 4) Major pharmacy retailers dispense the prescriptions and are often the final point of consumer contact.

Didgebridge and McNulty-Re welcome anyone within this ecosystem to contact them---if collaborative interest in their mission exists. See below contact information.  

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About Didgebridge

Didgebridge is a mobile-video and digital analytics company founded by senior marketing executives and award-winning technologists.  The Didgebridge IP-protected Intellismart platform enables consumers the opportunity to engage with educational, informational mobile video content, within their own, private, personalized, ultra-secure Telecom-based network.  

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About McNulty-Re Group  

The McNulty-Re Group is comprised of individuals that have dedicated their entire careers to the field of reinsurance. The Group is divided into three distinct entities: Consulting, Legal Services and Brokerage. The Group has members strategically located throughout the world. The positioning of the Group's members enables McNulty-Re to offer localized services on a world-wide basis. McNulty-Re Group has a large database of knowledge involving the history of insurance and reinsurance companies and the legal liabilities they have encountered on a Global basis.

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Amine Belahbib                                                                                                        
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President - Europe, Middle East and North Africa Regions                                                
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Ryan Swadley
Chief Innovation Officer
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